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Vintage Water Cooler Bottles

One of our owners is involved with a water cooler business and has transfered this love of vintage bottles to this website – this blog is taken from The Water Delivery Company website – which he describes as “Water Coolers for London” (ever the salesman). The Water Delivery Company is chuffed with itself. After many […]
try penning your own ode to vintage bottles

An Ode to Vintage Bottles

This week we, the vintage bottles team, have been getting in touch with our creative side, and exploring different ways of expressing our love and appreciation for such fantastic objects. As part of this exercise, we came up with something of a masterpiece- an acrostic poem all about our favourite products. We’re sure you’ll agree […]
Tom keeps his vintage bottles clean with distilled water

Tips for Cleaning your Vintage Bottles

We don’t need to tell you, dear readers, that collecting vintage bottles is cool- you yourself are most probably actively involved in this pursuit. For Tom, one of the Vintage Bottles company website whizzes and general computer geniuses, his passion for precious antique bottles has grown into something huge, and he is always on the […]
Rhubarb Reign refurbish vintage bottles

Refurbishing Vintage Bottles

A woman from Plymouth, Massachusetts has found a niche in the market of refurbishing antique items such as vintage bottles, textiles and other homeware, putting her unique stamp on it, and selling it on to fascinated buyers at auction. Sandy Garrison, who has a background in library science, first started working with vintage textiles whilst […]
make your bathroom lovely with vintage bottles

Wall Street Journal Encourages use of Vintage Bottles

One of America’s most celebrated and respected news journals recently published an article encouraging readers to enhance their relaxing bathing experience by adorning their bath side with romantic and decadent objects, including scented candles, bath oils, and vintage bottles in which to store them (as a replacement for the often unsightly containers in which they […]