Demineralised Water  | 10 Litres

Demineralised Water | 10 Litres

Demineralised Water in Container
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Our demineralised water is of a medical standard and comes packaged in food grade plastic containers that we recommend are recycled after use.

The Distilled Water Company advise that the usage and guidelines, highlighted on the containers, are adhered to at all times. To preserve the goods for as long as possible, we also recommend that the goods are stored away from heat, direct light and where chemicals and others contaminants are not present.

Our demineralised water has been passed through an ion exchange resin bed, ensuring that all minerals and ions have been completely removed from the water.

Demineralised water degrades rapidly once exposed to oxygen, please therefore note that once the container has been opened the water should be used as quickly as possible.

Please also note that due to government guidelines, our demineralised water is marked not for safe human consumption.

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