Demineralised Water  | Water Tanker

Demineralised Water | Water Tanker

Demineralised Water Tanker
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The Distilled Water Company are proud to be able to offer customers water tankers of demineralised water, delivered directly to locations nationwide.

A tanker of demineralised water can deliver up to 20,000 litres at any one time and containers of medical grade water are guaranteed not to leak. We can arrange for regular delivery to sites if this is required.

Our demineralised water is of high quality and has been filtered through an ion exchange resin bed. During this process all ions and minerals are withdrawn from the water, ensuring that contaminants such as sodium and chloride are removed.

For a full breakdown of the water mineral content, including a full range of certificates and specifications please do not hesitate to enquire with one of the team.

With regards to pricing for our demineralised water tankers, all quotations are bespoke and job specific as much of the cost is made up by the carriage charge. If you are interested in receiving a full quotation and information around lead times and availability, please contact us on 0845 006 3309 or email and one of our sales team will happily assist you.